About 'El Gato Negro'

I have always used natural products on myself and feel very strongly about the use of chemicals on our bodies and their possible links to serious health issues like cancer. After not finding what I wanted in the high-street I started to use botanicals and natural oils to help heal my own tattoos.

In 2010 I was asked by my husband if it would be possible to create a 100% natural alternative to petroleum jelly that he could use whilst tattooing and an aftercare for his clients to use afterward, I spent time researching several oils and butters, that when mixed were stable and worked well on application. 


After using these products in-house for over a year I asked some friends in the industry if they would trial them in their studio and with their clients. The feedback was amazing and fairly instantaneous….

I now source some of the finest natural organic ingredients from around the world to create uncompromising, luxury products for the tattoo industry that are simple and safe to use and have a positive benefit at each phase of the tattoo process from stencil to healed and for the life of your tattoo.
I hand craft all my products in small batches and no machinery is employed at any time during this

process.  I never use chemicals, bulking agents or unnecessary additives, everything in my products are there because they have an active ability to positively affect the outcome of your tattoo.

All my products are created using food grade ingredients which are completely non-toxic, 100% organic and 100% vegan.

Check out my ingredients list to see exactly why I use what I use

All my products are supplied in 100% recyclable containers too….